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Flight Review Syllabus

                                                                                        FLIGHT REVIEW SYLLABUS
I use the FAA Wings program to complete a Flight Review. I have found that doing
this is less expensive for the Client and more fun for both of us. Using the Wings
program means that the Client completes 3 short, free online courses in lieu of the
Ground Portion requirement of the Flight Review and then completes 3 Flight
Activities when we fly. Doing this automatically updates the Client's Flight Review Date.
FLIGHT PORTION:                                                                       About 1.5 hours
The Flight Portion of the Flight Review will consist of completing the following Wings
Flight Activities:  (These Flight Activities can be found at the wings website.)
Basic Wings Flt. 1 - A070405-07, ASEL-Takeoffs, Landings, Go-Arounds.
Basic Wings Flt 2 - A070405-08 ASEL- Slow Flight, Stall, Basic Instruments.
Basic Wings Flt 3 – A100125-08 ASEL- Air Work.
The ground portion will be done by the Client completing 3 free Online Courses found
at . One of these Courses should be” Flight Review Preparation Course”.
To navigate to the Prep course go to , place your mouse cursor
over "Courses and Events", left click on “Course Catalog", left click on the "enroll"
button at “Flight Review Prep Guide”. You will need to create an account to access
the course.

The three free online courses can be completed at any time, either the Flight Activities or Online Courses

can be done first and the completion of either can delayed until the FR expiration date.

When the last Course or Flight Activity is completed the Client's Flight Review date will be automatically

updated through the Wings program website.

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