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FAA WINGs Program

The Federal Aviation Administration's Safety Team (FAASTeam) has instituted a program called the "Wings Pilot Proficiency Program".
While training with Advanced Tailwheel Training you may earn Flight Activity credits which when combined with credits earned for completion of 3 short free Online Courses may be used to update your Flight Review date.
The purpose of the Wings Pilot Proficiency Program as described in Advisory Circular AC 61-91J is to reduce the number of accidents in General Aviation.
This link will take you to the above referenced Advisory Circular;$FILE/AC 61-91J.pdf .
Information about the Wings Program's Online Courses, Flight Activities and more can be found at; .
After creating a free account you can sign up for and take a variety of short free Online Courses. 
The Wings program awards credits for completion of Online Courses which then can be combined with credits earned for Flight Activities to substitute for the Bienniel Flight Review.
After creating a free account you can sign up for and earn credit by taking a variety of short free Online Courses, one of which should be 'ALC-25 Flight Review Prep Guide'.
The Flight Activities which may be accomplished while training with us are;
Basic Wings Flt. 1- A070405-07, ASEL - Takeoffs, Landings, Go-Arounds.
Basic Wings Flt. 2- A070405-08, ASEL - Slow Flight,Stall, Basic Instruments. 

Basic Wings Flt. 3- A100125-08, ASEL - Air Work - Performance Flight and Ground Reference Maneuvers

Basic Wings Flt. 3- A070502-02, ASEL -Completion of Tailwheel Endorsement.
Most of the flight maneuvers included in the above Flight Activities we do already as a part of the Tailwheel Transition and Tailwheel Refresher Courses, so very little additional time would be involved.
Using the Wings program to substitute for the Flight Review takes things to a new level in fun during Flight Review. No more same ol', same ol'. You get to learn something new, fly a different airplane and have fun doing it.


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