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What our Clients have said;

Once in a lifetime experience.
After finishing my commercial rating, I was kind of burned out from flight training. I decided to do something fun in an airplane, and at the same time get another endorsement. So I began flying with Ron in the Citabria to get my tail wheel sign off.

I was back to basic flying, looking out the window, getting the feel of the airplane, and learning how to correct my own mistakes. I was using my aviation knowledge and passion of flying together.  I learned much more than in any basic flight school.

Ron is a great teacher who goes beyond strict flight training.  He knows what you will need and makes sure you truly understand what to do in the airplane. His teaching is straight to the point, safe, and effective.
We went beyond basics.  I flew from the backseat, in crosswinds, etc. I also had the privilege to get some spin training.  I will need this experience to get my flight instructor rating.

I highly recommend flying with Ron for fun or for getting to a higher step in flying. One thing is for sure,
you will learn, feel, experience flying, and teaching in a new way.

I can't wait for our next flight.

Harry H. St. Louis


I have known Ron Dillard for 7 years.  He is one of the best instructors for tailwheel training in the country. Ron’s style covers precision, safety, and fun factor in his teaching method. I thought I knew how to fly tailwheels but there is always something new to learn from Ron.

Ron’s instruction may have helped save my life when I had an engine failure over Kentucky.

I have been lucky enough to have great instructors in my career in aviation and Ron rates at the top. 

David A. "Austin,Tx"


I have been flying for 18 years and I have an instrument rating.  Ron's upset recovery and spin training gives me experience and training above and beyond what is required for my ratings and makes me a sharper, safer pilot.  Ron is an excellent instructor and his lessons are well designed with clear objectives.  Ron's flying experience and professionalism is evident in the way he instructs;  I learned so much with him on our 1st flight!  I think every pilot should complete Ron's advanced tailwheel and spin training classes because it will make them safer pilots...oh, and it is so much FUN too!
Happy Flying

Douglas Pouk
Owner, High Altitude Flying Club  


I would like to thank Mr Ron Dillard for providing me with the best aviation instruction I have had during my flying career.  Being a professional and recreational pilot I have received all levels of flight training. Ron provides a wealth of knowledge and skill while delivering and applying it in a manner that is safe, fun and educational.
I have had flight instruction from brand X and left the airport feeling more confused and with a lack of accomplishment. When you leave after a lesson with Ron you're smiling and saying "that was the most fun flying I have done in a long time."  Oh, and by the way you learned a lot of important and useful skills.
One thing I have noticed about flying with other high time experienced instructors is the need for them to always want to show you "look what I can do" style flying, things that they have learned to do that has not killed them to date, while they fail to teach you anything.  I can tell you from personal experience this is the complete opposite of what Ron's teaching technique is. He demonstrates real life flight experiences and the correct recovery or safest techniques required to make you a better and more proficient pilot.
Being the owner of a small aviation business I can tell you it is a pleasure to know that there are instructors and pilots like Ron Dillard, providing and maintaining the highest level of educational service and knowledge to the incoming and existing aviation community.
Shannon Franklin
Franklin Air Services
Thank you so much for your help in my unusual attitude and spin training. Your method of instruction made me feel very comfortable yet confident in my abilities to recover. I was very much at ease and I would credit this towards the encouragement, patience and knowledge you put forth. The information you present to study as a prerequisite helped in understanding and meeting the requirements to complete this training in a timely manner. This in turn was a very big savings on my part. I look forward to completing my tail wheel training with you soon.
Rick M.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   __________________________________________________________________________
Spin Avoidance and Recovery Course
Clear instructions and good pointers ahead of tasks, good progression of course going step by step, I feel  good about my recovery abilities after completing the course. I enjoyed flying with you and love the Citabria, a great plane and fun to fly. I would recommend this course to others.
Martin W.
Tailwheel Transition Course and Spin Avoidance and Recovery Course
You have a well thought out structure for the course, I like having a syllabus and the prepared reading material you offer.
What you offer in your course is far more than just how to fly a taildragger, it's how to fly ... period. Your knowledge, skill and personal communication style combine to make the best instructional experience that I've had.
It's all in the name of fun, but I hope you realize the impact you've had on the safety of someone who is persuing this activity, whether recreationally or professionally. Hopefully you'll be motivated to keep contributing for a while until you fully retire!
Cary F .

Tailwheel Transition Course
I appreciated the detailed instructions while flying and of maneuvers completed-both positive and negative comments. Your attention to detail was refreshing.
Most pilots are aware of potential problems with mag grounds & decreased RPM at idle with Carb Heat on, but never seen an instructor incorporate checks for those items in the run-up proceedure before. It's obviously good practice. I would recommend this course to others.
Roger M.
Tailwheel Transition Course
The most fun and exciting flight training I've had to date. I couldn't wait until my next lesson. I'm thouroughly enjoying it. The printed course syllabus helped me understand what "was happening" and what was "going to happen". Solid instruction style I likened to "Speak softly and carry a big stick". Training and instruction were intense (a good thing) without being frightening. The perfect mix needed for this type endorsement and training.
These types of courses should be required to obtain your pilot certificate. My use and understanding of the controls has improved greatly, (especially that big thing called the Rudder). This course has improved my confidence in my flying abilities. It truly is making me a better, safer and more confident pilot. Bottom line...real world skills I will use forever.
I can and will "highly recommend" Ron and the training.
Don't change a thing.
Phil S.
Spin Avoidance and Recovery Course
I wanted to thank you again for the spin training. I learned a lot from you, and not just about unusual attitudes, spin awareness, and spin recovery. You have a very effective teaching style that really aids the learning process.
Spin Avioidance and Recovery Course
I enjoyed the relaxed but safe atmosphere. I thought that the flight plan and text were appropriate.
I would recommend this course to others.
Byan T. 
Tailwheel Refresher Course 
Professional approach to instructing with just the right amount of help with emphasis on precision.

Gary R

Tailwheel Transition Course 
I liked the whole experience, it was "just plane fun". I appreciated your patience, your direct and clear corrections, suggestions and advice.
Bill W.
Tailwheel Refresher Course
Very professionally done. I liked everything about the course.
I have recommended the course to friends. Thanks for a job well done.
Paul B.  ________________________________________________________________________________
Spin Avoidance and Recovery Course 
I liked the new experience in a new type aircraft and new type situation. I had fun and feel like I learned something that could save my life. I would recommend this course.
Mark S. ________________________________________________________________________________
Tailwheel Refresher Course 
Flying with you was great. Your teaching style is direct and set me at ease. You are highly knowlegeable and have a natural gift for transfering your knowledge to the student.
I have recommended this course to others several times. I thorougly enjoyed flying with you and look forward to doing so again.
Thanks for everything,
Fred C.
Tailwheel Refresher and Spin Avoidance and Recovery Courses 
Great courses for the professional pilots that have done a lot of simulator training but not recently experienced "actual flight". A must for private pilots also.
Roger M. 
Tailwheel Transition Course
Ron Dillard’s years of military and professional flying experience immediately becomes evident after your first meeting. The lesson begins the moment you walk into his hangar and way before you “strap on the airplane”.
Straight away he is asking you to  think about wind direction, field conditions and how they are going to affect the way you handle the aircraft. His teaching style is methodical, calm, confident and consistent. Each lesson is well planned, articulated and executed to facilitate the learning process and not waste money.
From pre-flight, start-up, taxi, departure, landing and shut down - safety first is the keystone for each lesson. He sticks to the training syllabus so the student knows what to expect for any given lesson. He readily gives you both encouragement and coaching as needed during the learning process. And he quickly tells you when you have executed a maneuver correctly.
But Ron’s real teaching talent shines when you haven’t executed a maneuver correctly or having difficulty comprehending the steps to a flight maneuver. This is what sets him apart from many other flight instructors. He teaches through demonstration but more importantly by breaking down each maneuver into “bite size” easy to comprehend individual steps that make up the complete flight maneuver.
He teaches the actions to take, in the proper order and at the time they need to be executed. He coaches you to assimilate the steps in your mind that make up the overall flight maneuver. And after a couple of attempts, you’ve mastered the maneuver!
It is truly enjoyable training that yields consistent results that you can safely rely upon in the future.
I would change nothing about the course.
I have already recommended this course to others.
Bryan M.

Tailwheel Transition Course 
The course met my objectives which were to become familiar with tailwheel operations and techniques.
The course was handled in a professional manner.
The instructor was knowledgeable and ready to go on time and the aircraft was clean and completely operational.
Overall very pleased with the training.
Steve D.
Tailwheel Transition Course 
Although I enjoyed every aspect of learning how to fly and land a tailwheel aircraft, the most important aspect of the course was the improvement in my overall flying skills. As a direct result of your instruction I now fly in a more fundamentally sound and safe manner. I found within every lesson a learning point that will make me a better pilot.
Your willingness and patience to share your experience and knowledge was the best part of the course.
I would change nothing about the course. The "Tailwheel Basics" paper is well written and I found it helpful to review the paper prior to each lesson. As a low time pilot with limited experience the review of each session helped me capture the key lessons from each flight.
I have already recommended the course to others.
Ron, you are an excellent instructor and a skilled, safety conscious aviator. For a relatively inexperienced pilot such as myself, this course exceeded my expectations. Not only did I have the wonderful experience of flying with someone of your talent but also the opportunity to fly the always fun Citabria.
I refreshed my stale knowledge and skills of the fundamentals of flight and in the process bacame a more precise, safer and all round better pilot.
I had the opportunity to learn from a terrific instructor in a fun airplane. What could be better than that
Rick H.

Spin Avoidance and Recovery Training 
I liked the instructive conversation during the session, it informed and relaxed me. I would recommend this course to others.
Michael M.
Tailwheel Transition Course
I was able to accomplish what I set out to do. The training sessions were all right to the point with just the right length of time for each. I wouldn't change a thing about the course.
I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others.
Joe B.
Spin Avoidance and Recovery Course 
I enjoyed doing spins for the first time, a lot!
I liked the way they were introduced gradually. I also liked the fact that we were training the whole time and no time (or money) was wasted. I also liked being introduced to tailwheel.
I had a great time flying with you.
Phil R.
Tailwheel Transition Course 
You do a good job communicating & demonstrating your instruction topics. You have a very nice airplane and 1H0 is a great airport. It was very helpful that you were willing to start early in the morning.
I would change nothing about the course and would recommend it to others.
John T.
Tailwheel Transition Course 
The course was well paced and well thought out.
I really enjoyed the course, thanks for the great flying!
Mark S.
Tailwheel Transition Course 
I liked the good reference materials, the good dialogue and feedback and operations from both grass and hard surface.
I had a great time!
Rick H.

Tailwheel Transition Course, Unusual Attitude Recovery Course, Spin Avoidance and Recovery Course

I liked everything about the courses. A rare Opportunity to learn something new. Course schedule was outlined and detailed. I knew what to expect prior to climbing into the airplane. You patiently led me through the maneurvers and landings even when you saw me getting frustrated with myself.
Most enjoyable courses, and a totally new flying skill. Your instructing is patient and easy-going. You pegged me on day 1, I do have a tendency to want to do everything perfectly right out of the box. I'm working on that.
I can't think of a thing that I would change about the courses and would definitely recommend them to others.
Irene R.
Tailwheel Transition Course, Unusual Attitude Recovery Course, and Spin Avoidance and Recovery Courses.  
I liked the flying, excellent instruction, efficient on time operation, and the low hassle airport.
Great stuff! I thouroughly enjoyed it. More importantly, I learned things both new (to me) and useful.
I would definitely recommend the course to others.
Bob R.
Spin Avoidance and Recovery Course 
I enjoyed the course immensely. The course was very straight forward and proved to be fun. I expected the task of learning spins to be a bit scary at first; however, it turned out not to be scary at all.
Enjoyed it! I will be back once I complete my CFI.
Mike F.
Tailwheel Transition Course, Spin Avoidance and Recovery Course and Unusual Attitude Recovery Course 
The courses were everything I expected and more. Very thorough training that focused on practical skills.
I loved the courses and learned a lot in a very short time. The tips for good flying were excellent and the courses were focused on practical training. I would highly recommend this training for pilots. 
Jerry G.

Tailwheel Transition Course, Spin Avoidance and Recovery Course and Unusual Attitude Recovery Course 
I was forced to fly with my right hand, never done that before. I believe I received the tools to get out of tricky situations plus I really increased my rudder awareness.
I would change nothing at all about the courses, I loved every minute of it.
Steven C.
Tailwheel Transition Course w Flight Review

- The flight review process was relevant, not a tedious process that doesn’t relate to anything real.
- I got to fly a great little airplane that I probably would have never logged time in otherwise
- I learned that 1H0 is a respectable airport, which may sound trivial but for someone who previously operated primarily from SUS this is more meaningful than it may sound
- I learned from an instructor with great experience and information to pass along.  I’m not blowing smoke here either.  For example, you taught me to use the wind to my advantage and to expect it and let it help me rather than to look at it as an adversary and work against it.  Every lesson had at least one nugget like that.

What would I change about the course?
- I gave this some thought before trying to answer it.  I definitely struggled with some points and I think in part some of it was from not being in the front of a plane in 7 years.  Part I think was a lack of procedural understanding on my part.  I read all the information you provided, but the power on and off landings just didn’t come together for me until the point when I made my own list from memory of steps, then compared it to the document to correct it.  I needed to break it down into simple steps, and I needed to do that on my own.  For something new like that I can’t just hear about it and go do it.  When we practiced unusual attitudes you had me call out steps as you did them, which I think was very helpful in me seeing and comprehending the steps.  I think the same approach, along with a little bit more preflight discussion, on the first day for a new procedure would have helped me.  The exercise where we flew above the runway without landing to help visualize the power on wheel landing was also a great teaching tool for me.  That was the lesson where I came prepared with my procedure list broken into steps, and I think that day was the turning point for me on understanding (but not executing) the wheel landings.  Prior to that I thought I understood it, but I didn't know enough to know that I didn't.

Would I recommend the course to others?  Already have.
Ed M.
I have owned a Cessna 180 for several years. Power off wheel landing have always been troubling for me. I think I have learned what I have been doing wrong from your article.
I will check it out when the weather breaks here in Al. Thanks for a very straight forward stick and rudder article. Best one I have ever read.

Delmo P.
Spin Avoidance and Recovery Course

Thank you so much for the training, I enjoyed the instruction and flying with you very much.
I liked the gradual exposure to spins and the attention you paid to avoid any discomfort. I enjoyed your explanation for most stall-spin accidents. It made a lot of sense. I liked your calm, non-judgmental manner. I liked the fact that you were always there early with the plane ready to go and your flexibility for changing schedules. Finally, I liked the spins themselves, it is fun when you can fly in an attitude other than right side up.
I would certainly recommend the course to others.
In addition to the spin endorsement, I picked up some very valuable lessons about flight instruction in general which I hope to incorporate into my teaching style when I get my CFI.
Josh F.
Tailwheel Transition Course w Flight Review 
Very efficient use of time.  Great Instructonal Technique. You allowed me to make and then correct errors/mistakes by coaching me through each situation. Immediate feedback with things to watch for allowed me to improve significantly, both mentally and in execution , with each iteration.
Typically I prefer structure to a training program, but I think my training profile for each sortie deviated from your normal syllabus because of our starting with my BFR and then building on that. We talked briefly before each sortie about what was to be accomplished. I would have preferred a written list of objectives for the sorties.
I would absolutely recommend this course to others.
Your instructional technique and style is one of the best I have experienced. I am an instructor myself and have several take-aways from flying with you that I will use to improve my performance. Your smooth, calm coaching, along with demonstration when needed was well presented and well timed to maximize my learning. Thanks for a great experience!
Rick J.
Tailwheel Transition Course 
I loved learning a new skill and flying the Citabria. I also enjoyed how organized you were with the syllabus and paperwork.
I would change nothing about the course, but I would like to have had more crosswind situations.
I really enjoyed flying with you and look forward to Spin training. And, thank you for the photo and certificate.
Jon B.
Tailwheel Transition Course
I liked the emphasis on power off approaches, I had to break the rust out of my brain.
Given my size there no way I could fit in the front so it was tougher from the rear seat.
I would change nothing about the course and I would recommend it to others.
I have flown both the clubs aircraft, the Pawnee and Maule and had no problems.
Rick vB.
Tailwheel Transition Course 
It was a very good course, great instruction on the how and why a tailwheel aircraft behaves the way it does.
This type of training brings you back to the basics. If you don't know it when you started you will before
you finish.
I had a great time.
John F.
Tailwheel Transition, Spin and Unusual Attitude Recovery 
Ron is a great instructor. He knows what you are going to do before you do it. The courses teach you great stick and rudder skills and make you a more confident pilot. I would change nothing about the courses.
I would recommend that every student pilot, as soon as he/she recieves their private pilot ticket take this course before tacking on any other ticket or endorsement.This course will stay with them through their entire lifetime of flying.
Thanks Ron for a great course and a great time flying.
Chuck L.
Tailwheel Transition, Spin and Unusual Attitude Recovery
What I liked about the courses was the Instructor(and of course the Citabria). Ron is an exceptional instructor. Very patient and able to relate concepts and techniques of tailwheel and spin/unusual attitude recovery with ease.
Thanks so much for your training. I learned a lot of detail in a short time due to your skill as an instructor as well as your dedication to flying.
David J.
Tailwheel Transition, Spin and Unusual Attitude Recovery
Well maintained smooth running aircraft. Great instruction and direction. The tone and temperment of the instructor were a perfect balance to impart the skills needed to accomplish the tasks and gain proficiency on  both turf and pavement.
Thanks for the great instruction and experience. I hope we can fly together again.
Jeff K.

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