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 I did not get my PPL until completing ROTC flight training at Western Ky. Univ. in the early ‘60s, but I was actually taught to fly by my Dad, a former WWII B-17 pilot and a part time flight instructor when I was growing up.

Shortly after graduation from college I completed the US Army Helicopter training at Ft. Rucker AL.

Dad 1944.jpg

My Dad, George H. Dillard during training at The Lodwick School of Aeronautics in Lakeland FL. Around 1944

Ron 1967 (2023_01_26 19_19_24 UTC).jpg

Ft Wolters TX, 1967

Young Warrior (2023_01_26 19_19_24 UTC).jpg

Lai Khe, RVN, 1969

             and then I attended the Army Aviation Safety Officer and Accident Investigation School at the Univ.                   of Southern  Ca. before serving a tour in RVN flying UH-1 helicopters for the 1st Cav.

While in the Army I earned a Masters Degree from The Univ. of Southern Ca. in Aerospace Operations and Management.

I instructed for a while after leaving the Army in the early 70s and took whatever flying job could be found. I did some night freight, air ambulance flights, flew the mail for a short while in a Beech D-18-S, flew and demonstrated crop dusters for 3 1/2 years for an Ag-Cat distributor along with 5 years of contract work flying a dozen different airplanes and helicopters based in Knoxville, Tn. During this period, I completed training for an ATP rating in Fixed and Rotary wing aircraft and a CFII & ME. I used my Military Instructor rating to get my FAA Helicopter Instructor Rating.

I signed on with Sea Ray Boats when they moved their headquarters to Knoxville in the mid 80s flying an Agusta 109 helicopter and a Dasault Falcon 50. That job lasted until Brunswick bought the company.

In 1989 I joined Anheuser-Busch and stayed with them flying their Falcon 900s, 50s, and a Bell 412 until retirement in October 2008.


On the steps of N83FJ, a Dassault Falcon 50 I flew for 19 1/2 years

Along with partners, I have owned a Bellanca Citabria since 2004. 

During my career I have logged over 18,000 hours in more than 130 different models of aircraft.

I currently hold An Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with ratings in Airplane Multiengine Land and Rotorcraft-Helicopter with Type Ratings in;

 AS-355, BH-212, DA-10, DA-20, DA-50, and LR45. And Commercial Privileges in Airplane Single Engine Land and Sea.

I also hold a Flight Instructor Certificate with ratings in Airplane Single and Multiengine; Rotorcraft-Helicopter, Instrument Airplane and Helicopter.

I am a designated EAA Flight Advisor.

I have been married to wife number 1 since 1966 and have 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren.

I believe that my broad and varied background gives me a unique and seasoned perspective on teaching basic stick and rudder flying skills.

Citabria at 1H0.jpg
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